Hook Up With the Experts: Savage, Sullivan, and Jong


These three names alone should guarantee a full house: Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan, Erica Jong. Savage edits Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, writes a nationally syndicated sex advice column that appears weekly in these pages, and originated the term santorum (Google it, if you don’t know what it means). Sullivan is the strangest of creatures, a gay, openly Catholic conservative; his 1996 book Virtually Normal helped spark the national coming-out of the late 1990s, and his Daily Dish ranks among the most popular blogs on the Web. Jong has been challenging the sexual-correctness establishment since 1973, when her novel Fear of Flying encouraged legions of women to realize their lustiest desires. Her newest book, Seducing the Demon, contains juicy tidbits about, among other things, a tryst with Martha Stewart’s ex-husband. They gather with Dr. Gail Saltz, a psychoanalyst and contributor to NBC’s Today, for—no, not therapy—what’s billed as a “no-holds-barred” discussion of gay marriage, Internet porn, HIV, nontraditional families, and other political hot potatoes of the type that makes the fundies’ skin crawl. Don’t be afraid to ask your most burning questions—it’ll be hard to shock anyone on this panel.