Your Turn: Shutter the Falls?


The Falls bar, the Soho nightspot where poor Imette St. Guillen had her last drink, in February, came under fire from alcohol enforcement officials yesterday. Reports New York Metro (H.T. Gawker):

The State Liquor Authority formally accused the operators of the Falls bar of seven infractions, including providing false or misleading information during a police investigation during the initial days of its investigation into the St. Guillen slaying.

The primary suspect in the sexual assault and slaying of St. Guillen is a bouncer working at the club the night she disappeared. A convicted felon on parole and violating his curfew by working at the bar, he escorted her from the Falls and has since pleaded not guilty in her murder.

Friends of St. Guillen have joined with neighborhood activists to try to close the bar, picketing it on a regular basis. They might get their wish now, as the Falls stands to lose its liquor license.

We ask you, Fair or not?