‘The Omen’


The 1976 original, in which Gregory Peck adopted Satan, was a mildly creepy, well-made, and well-acted shock fest with a hollow core. This remake, like the Antichrist at its center, is a whole lot like its daddy. Directed by John Moore (who made the similarly great-looking but empty Behind Enemy Lines), the film is simply too big for its britches. The cast (including Liev Schreiber as an ambassador who secretly adopts the wrong baby, Julia Stiles as his wife, and Mia Farrow as Satan’s wet nurse) is excellent, but the Hand of God is a lousy excuse for gaping plot holes. Still, for those looking for shocks, the cat scares and deaths are top-notch, including the best on-screen decapitation you may ever see. If the movie didn’t take itself so seriously, it could have been a great popcorn muncher. As is, it’ll still work fine for those willing to forgive its trespasses.

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