Your Turn: Bloomberg on Gay Marriage?


New York’s highest court has been hearing oral arguments this week in the case of 44 same-sex couples seeking the right to marry (advocacy here).

As the Voice’s Wayne Barrett noted last year, the issue has put Mayor Mike Bloomberg in knots, and not the happy nuptial kind. Bloomberg has said he supports gay couples’ right to marry each other, but he has also continued to appeal–with some vigor–a lower court ruling asserting just that right.

Helpfully, the city’s Law Department sent out a primer Wednesday on Bloomberg’s position. It quoted from a radio address the mayor delivered this weekend. We’ll excerpt a key chunk of that speech here and then ask you: How’s Bloomie doing on same-sex marriage now?

From Mayor Mike’s radio address, via the city’s Law Department:

“I’ve stated my feelings about this matter many times, and I’ll repeat them now: I believe all New Yorkers should have the right to marry whomever they choose, regardless of sexual orientation. As it stands today, there have been conflicting court decisions on this issue across the state: Several courts have found that same-sex marriages are not legal, while a lower court in New York City found that they are legal. If the Court of Appeals rules that same-sex marriages are legal, then we’ll perform them. If they rule the other way, our Administration will begin working with the State Legislature for a new law that establishes marriage equality for all New Yorkers, and we’ll do so in partnership with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and the growing number of elected and civic leaders who stand with us. I do not believe that government should be in the business of telling us who we can and can’t marry. As Mayor, I have an obligation to enforce the laws of the City and State, but I also have an equal obligation to work to change laws that I do not believe are in our City’s best interest. As [Gay] Pride Month approaches, it’s time to recommit ourselves to achieving a fully inclusive society—one I believe should respect the rights of everyone to marry and raise families, legally, securely, and in peace.”

You feeling that?