Not Just Johnny’s Girl


Throughout her almost 30 years in the record business, Rosanne Cash has notoriously taken her time between albums—but every one of them has been worth the wait. Her latest, this year’s spare and introspective Black Cadillac, should not be reductively interpreted as a meditation on the loss of her famous father and stepmother; indeed, as she told Paste magazine earlier this year, “it’s not a tribute to him, it’s not any of that.” Fortunately, anyone who knows her work from Seven Year Ache to Interiors to the present knows she’s much more than Johnny’s little girl—with her Americana roots, Buddhist contemplations, and honest voice, Rosanne’s everything the No Depression movement aspires to represent. She’ll unpackage more of her life, her career, and what’s on her mind in a sit-down with Rolling Stone‘s Anthony DeCurtis, one of the true nice guys in music journalism, who knows how to extract it all. Good thing, as the empress of understatement needs to be coaxed sometimes.