A Window Into Guantanamo


Before Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld booted the press away from the Guantanamo camp for detaines, the Pentagon’s position had been to offer weekly tours. That changed after the suicide of three detainees on Saturday. Reports Editor and Publisher:

A curt e-mail to reporters Carol Rosenberg of the Herald (who spoke to E&P about the expulsion) and Carol Williams of the L.A. Times mentioned a directive from the office of Rumsfeld, and stated: “Media currently on the island will depart on Wednesday, 14 June 2006 at 10:00 a.m. Please be prepared to depart the CBQ [quarters] at 8:00 a.m.”

Back when you could still visit Guantanamo and its interrogation chamber, Miami New Times reporter Emily Witt took one of the regular tours. She reported:

If 10 days at the camp teaches you anything, it’s a lesson on acting like nothing is wrong.

Witt also sent some Postcards From Guantanamo, worth reconsidering now that the window into the camp has been (at least temporarily) shuttered. In her photos, you can see the so-called comfort items given to detainees, and also the blue recliner in which they apparently volunteer for interrogation.