“Nostalgia = Death: Gay Pride, Gay Shame”


SYNOPSIS: Your host LD Beghtol chats with Matador recording artist Jennifer O’Connor about: being gay and out in the industry (big fucking deal!), how most “gay music” is boring (about which more later), and a bit about messy relationships and how they fall apart; does the winner take it all, really? Music—some made by gays, some possibly made for gays, some neither but nonetheless beloved by big ol’ fags like your Uncle LD—is presented for your listening pleasure. The emphasis this week is on pop of the classic sort, but with a very special twist. But be warned: There’s nary an angsty folk protest song or drag empowerment anthem to be heard here, though avoiding “dance music” was simply impossible. They say it’s in our genes, right?

Anyway, drop in again next week for Part Two of “Nostalgia=Death,” where
music of a more experimental bent will be heard, made by the likes of the
Soft Pink Truth, Aluminum Group, BLK w/ BEAR, Kid Congo Powers and the Dead
Betties. But remember: No divas allowed!



  • “Her Story” by Flying Lizards (excerpt)<br/ > FLYING LIZARDS (Virgin 1979)<br/ > You go, Sally! The title alone says it all, though I bet this was never ever ever played at the Boise Wymyns’ Music Conference.



  • Complicated Rhyme” by Jennifer O’Connor<br/ > From the forthcoming album OVER THE MOUNTAIN, ACROSS THE VALLEY AND BACK TO THE STARS (Matador 2006)<br/ > Jennifer asks the eternal question: “I wanna know what you would do/if we could start over, darling.” But we all know ignorance is—if not bliss, exactly, better than too much information.



  • Black Cloud” (Rough mix) by Choo Choo La Rouge<br/ > Unreleased (2006)<br/ > An amazingly upbeat paean to depression, which makes Nick Drake’s “Black Dog” seem almost housebroken in comparison.



  • “Hot Headed Hores” by the Naysayer<br/ > Unreleased (Red Panda 2006)<br/ > A shoegazey dream of the good old days of sprawling promiscuity.



  • I Went to the Hospital” by Cass Coombs<br/ > BEST OF CASS MCCOOMBS (Monitor 2003)<br/ > Who wouldn’t want to be famous for falling in love? Or, perhaps, just capable of falling in love.



  • “International Velvet” by Crash<br/ > EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN (Justine 1992)<br/ > Mark Dumais (R.I.P.) sang like a strung-out Roy Orbison after comprehensive weekend of debauchery at the Spike. This song is about Warhol superstar Susan Bottomly: “helium in silver puffs/rise into the air.”



  • “Downtown Y” by Orange Buckets<br/ > Demo (2006)<br/ > The pomo-homo answer song to that other tune about the YMCA.



  • “Another sigh, Another Pause, Another Song” by Joseph Martin<br/ > Unreleased (2006)<br/ > A delicious home recording by a shockingly talented uke-loving teen: “La la la la la la, la la la la”



  • I Luv the Valley” by Xiu Xiu<br/ > FABULOUS MUSCLES (5 Rue Christine 2004)<br/ > Though histrionics are not the sole property of gay men, this song is a good justification for thinking they are. Are you listening, baby homosexuals: MORE DISTORTION!



  • “Jealous Jacket” by Certainly, Sir<br/ > TAN! (Rallye 2005)<br/ > Bearded weirdos from the Boston area, who make dance music even rocklovin’ fags can twitch to. Sort of like the Navin brothers, but just a wee small tad little less arch.


“I Don’t Believe You” by the Magnetic Fields<br/ > CHICKFACTOR MIXTAPE 1 (Enchanté 2002)<br/ > Please do not adjust your dials—this track’s wobbly start is intentional. And showtune queens, please note Mr Merritt’s sly reference to THE FANTASTICKS.


  • “Lavender Shells and Swans” by the Istoners<br/ > Unreleased (2005)<br/ > A computer hookup gone terribly wrong, written and sung by the wondrous Jim Andralis. This is one of a dozen tracks recorded last year for the band’s debut album, which will probably never be released. Life sucks, no?



  • When We Dance (At Joe Orton’s Wedding)” by LD & the New Criticism<br/ > TRAGIC REALISM (Darla 2005)<br/ > Shameless self-promotion: I wanted this little ditty about British playwright Joe Orton and his murderer/lover Kenneth Halliwell to sound like a zydeco wedding party, all liquored up on cheap hootch and throwing it down for a happy throng of guests.



  • “Tejano” by White<br/ > Unreleased (2006)<br/ > In my dreams the singer is wearing a spandex wrestling mask… But is that too too colonializing of me? Bad Uncle LD! Naughty Uncle LD!



  • Heart of Glass” by Waycross<br/ > AREN’T WE THE LUCKY ONES (2004)<br/ > Here’s the obligatory disco number, as artfully mangled by one of the best bands you’re probably never heard of. Doug Hilsinger is a god among men.