Pride Party Roundup


On any night of the week, there are about a kajillion things for the jaded urban party boy to do. Pride weekend is special, though. The bars will be filling up with fresh faces—out-of-towners and those bizarre New York gays who only go out during Pride—and the party gods are steppin’ it up for the occasion.The revelry kicks into gear Thursday night with a special Pride edition of ‘Stache [Don Hill’s, 511 Greenwich Street, 212-219-2850, 10 p.m., $10]. It wouldn’t be a party without NYC’s number one tranny Amanda Lepore, performing with lyricist Cazwell. Then around 2 a.m. legendary queercore band Limpwrist take the stage to rock your gay-ass socks. Meanwhile, DJs Tommy Hottpants and Zach will have you hoppin’ to hair metal and ’80s goth pop.

Things get all legit with Heritage of Pride’s official Friday-night party
Bring Back the Joy
[Octagon, 555 West 33rd Street, 212-947-0400, 10 p.m., $55 to $155], featuring DJ Alyson Calagna’s New York debut and a performance by professional fag hag, um, I mean international recording artist Kristine W. The cover may seem a little steep, but a portion of the proceeds go right back to HOP. The spirit of giving continues uptown at global fave Pacha [618 West 46th Street, 212-209-7500, 11 p.m., $50 to $60], where some of the dough from the premiere of Ric Sena’s NRG benefits the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Who knows, you may need a task force yourself when DJs Roland Belmares and Tony Moran are done with you.

Sleep in late on Saturday and you won’t miss anything but cartoons. It’s a day to rest and recoup in preparation for Sunday’s surge of faggotry. But if you’re still itchin’ to dance on Saturday night, it’s all about Wild Boys at the Roxy [515 West 18th Street, 212-727-0108, 10 p.m., $40]. Peter Rauhofer’s gonna flood the vast space with wild music, wild go-go gods, wild decor, a wild special guest performer, and, yes, wild boys. Don’t even bother bringing a shirt. For some really dirty fun, head down to the East Village, where Michael Formika Jones’s Go-Go Idol makes its triumphant return at the new Boysroom [ 211 Avenue A, 10 p.m., $5 to $10]. Guest host Shealita Baby judges the drunk boys stripping down for the $200 grand prize. Don’t even bother bringing your pants.

Which brings us to Sunday, the big day. The Lord may have rested, but don’t you expect to. After partying all day in the heat and crowds at the parade, dive right back into the heat and crowds on the pier. Dance 20: The Dance on the Pier [Pier 54 in Hudson River Park, 13th Street and Hudson River, 4 p.m., $55 to $125] is the pinnacle of Pride weekend. DJ DeMarko gets you pumped, the super-secret celebrity guests make you squeal, and Susan Morabito provides the happy ending.

Of course, at 11 p.m. nobody’s going home. Can you say “after-party”? Sure, your faux Louis wallet is feeling a little bruised by now, but the $15 cover at Happy Camper [Sol, 609 West 29th Street, 212-643-6464, 10:30 p.m.], the official Pier Dance after-party, might help ease the pain. DJ Phillip Kimball and all your campfire buddies keep things euphoric. Kumbaya, baby!

Last year, little gay hearts were broken all over the city when Jonny McGovern and DJ JonJon Battles’s long-running Rambles party got the ax. Well, get ready to take a nature walk down memory lane, ’cause JonJon and Jonny are bringing the Rambles back to the Park just in time for Pride Sunday [ 118 Tenth Avenue, 212-352-3313, 10 p.m., free].

And what would Pride be without Junior Vasquez? He and John Blair are your counselors at Gay Summer Camp [Spirit, 530 West 27th Street, 212-268-9477, 11 p.m., $25 to $65].

Activities include a performance by Dynamix featuring Jason Walker, ogling the porno pups of Bel Ami, and a sunrise set by Junior himself. Pity the boys who have to go to work Monday morning.