Your Call: Nazis, Stalinists, or Traitors?


Power Plays often gets comments about the stuff we post, and these responses are usually a healthy mix of the insightful and the insane, the thoughtful and the abusive. Often people say that something we posted sucks, and they aren’t always wrong. But rarely do we get the kind of equal opportunity abuse that greeted this week’s posting about an anti-immigrant group’s planned protest at Revolution Books. Depending on whom you ask, we’re either traitors or neo-Nazi sympathizers.

Mark McGrew, for one, sayeth: “When you refer to illegal aliens as ‘Illegal workers,’ ‘undocumented workers,’ or ‘Undocumented immigrants’, 90 percent of your readers think you are either stupid, ignorant or simply committing TREASON. Keep it up. You’re doing good.” But Stanley Rogouski had a different take:

    • Now when precisely did the Village Voice turn into the New York Post and why precisely is Jarrett Murphy shilling for neo-nazis? …

These people

    • were largely run out of New Jersey last year when they tried to bring the Minute Klan to Bridgewater and Freehold. Too bad the Voice didn’t get the memo. Oh well, I guess getting rid of

James Ridgeway

    was only the beginning. See you in hell. Assholes.


Ouch! More importantly, Revolution Books reacted to the protest planned for their doorstep. Here’s what they say:

Revolution Books will stay open that day and invites people to come and learn the truth about the real issues involved. . . . Revolution Books is proud to support the rights of immigrants and opposes a system that, in its never-ending search for greater and greater profit, forces over 200 million people worldwide to leave their homes and crisscross the globe and be “kept in the shadows—and even scapegoated and harassed by organizations like NY I.C.E. We will continue to provide the information that people need—the truth that people need—to change the world. Revolution Books also invites the rank-and-file members of NY I.C.E. and other groups who are organizing against the rights of immigrants to go to the website of Revolution newspaper,, to learn what is really going on here and how they are being manipulated.