Neighborhood Watch


In northern Minnesota, Jack the Horse is a serene, picturesque lake, perfect for fishing trips with good friends. Closer to home, Jack the Horse is a tavern on a tree-shaded street in Brooklyn Heights, and much like its namesake, it’s relaxed and unpretentious—perfect for drinking with good friends. Almost a month old, the neighborhood bar and restaurant has been a hit with locals. According to the barkeep, “Everyone that comes in says, ‘I live around the corner.’ ” It also lures in some of the area’s “stroller set” during the weekend with a lulling Eric Clapton–like soundtrack, lots of cozy seating, and plenty of rounded edges. A decent selection of beers on tap, including the rich and filling Rogue Dead Guy Ale ($8) and the citrusy and malty Avery IPA ($6), ensures that visitors stay awhile and have a nosh. Order the grilled German sausages on a roll ($14) or one of the other hearty entrées, as some of the apps, though tasty, are a bit pricey and too small to soak up the brew. Before exiting onto the corner of Cranberry and Hicks, patrons should take a glance at the detailed illustrations on the walls. They were created by the chef’s father-in-law and feature a variety of scenarios, including a mailman happily delivering the day’s correspondence—just another day in the neighborhood.