Nostalgia = Death: Gay Pride, Gay Shame Part 2


SYNOPSIS: Into every life a li’l Pride must fall. Well the same goes double for Shame, my dears. Your host knows which he prefers, but do you? Well? There’s probably a quote about self-knowledge that would be perfectamundo here, but I’ll be hanged if I can remember it.

Part two of Uncle LD’s inaugural Ultragay Pride Week loathfest includes lots and lots of music—mostly of the obscure sort—made by/for/despite homosexuals and the people who love them. Ever so gently we touch on such major themes of urban queer reality: substance abuse, self-help/self-actualization, the life consumerist, promiscuity and alt.sexuality, queer nationalism, (dis)ease, self-deliverance, and—of course—love love love. And this show is extra long for all you size-queens.

Is it good for the gays? Probably not. But at least there’s no lame house piano.

Next week: Music for Torching!




  • “Bad News Week” by Section 25 (excerpt) LOVE AND HATE (Factory 1987) Cause every week is, no? 
  • “Power” by Kid Congo Powers with Botanica SOLO CHOLO (New York Night Train 2005) Not the raunchiest track on this excellently trashy record, but my favorite. Sort of a feel-good hymn for the art-damaged by an underknown talent.
  • “The Great Uplifting” by So L’il REVOLUTION THUMPIN’ (Goodbye Better 2004) Sounds like Miss Virginia Astley (no relation to Rick) backed by Nagamatzu. Not so sure how gayish it is, but the lyric “Take control of my small yet strangely attractive insanity” hits my pleasure bump ev’ry time.
  • “Impress Me” by The Aluminum Group PEDALS (Minty Fresh 1999) Sluttiness is so glamorous! Oh, how your Uncle LD loves these Chicago boys—despite the fact that they never write or call. Your Uncle LD will go cry himself to sleep now.
  • “Fionnuala” by the Essential Penguins Unreleased (2004) Ulster lads Charles Hatcher and Reggie Chamberlain-King borrowed their band name from that Penguin book series. This song—a het lament written by a boy about his ex-girlfriend—is sung by Miss Claire McGreevy. Uncle LD loves such stuff. Especially when its neo-Edwardian.
  • “Make Up” by Soft Pink Truth DO YOU PARTY? (Soundslike 2003) Drew Matmos doing Prince. Or a Prince song, at any rate. Smoking is so glamorous!
  • “Well-formed Man” by Robert German Unreleased (2006) Uncle LD really hates jazz, but this makes him chuckle: Bobby McFerrin after a dose of Sodium Pentothal.
  • “Hormone Love” by Blowoff Unreleased (2006) The fab new project by surprisingly tall Bob Mould and house-music guy Richard Morel, though I thought it was Michael Stipe fronting Sugar at first.
  • “Master” by Vladek Sheybal (excerpt) THE APPLE (1980) More fun than THE LEATHERMAN’S HANDBOOK, and much more realistic and useful. From the long-out-of-print soundtrack album to everyone’s favorite apocalyptic disco-futurist redemption musical parable. FYI: The gent who sings this also steals the show in Ken Russell’s WOMEN IN LOVE.
  • “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by moth wranglers Unreleased 2005 Suicide is so glamorous! We performed this Joy Division song for some weird art thingy in SF a few years ago, on Stylophone and accordion. Everyone was so confused by it, we decided to record it.
  • “The Giggling of Ken & Barbie” by The Dead Betties SUMMER OF ’93 (Chainsaw 2005) Gay hardcore from Bushwick! One of the adorable guys in this power trio makes a terrific pot roast, too.
  • “Pedro’s” by Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons Unreleased (2006) Someone please explain this to me; the “house on the rock” ref is easy, but the “baby in my belly?” Maybe I should have saved this for next week’s BBQ special.
  • “For My Sleepy Lover” by Ethyl Meatplow HAPPY DAYS, SWEETHEART (Dali Records 1993) Speed is so glamorous! We here at HB worship Carla Bozulich in all her splendid forms: Ethyl Meatplow, Geraldine Fibbers, Scarnella, faux-Willie… Can’t wait to hear her new project, Evangalista.
  • “Like Nails in the Rain” by Rothko + BLK w/BEAR WISH FOR A WORLD WITHOUT HURT (Trace 2005) Suicide is still so glamorous! Artist/activist Uncle JS Adams making music with a band named for a famous dead artist. What could be more fun than that, I ask you?
  • “Enjoy” by Doug Hilsinger Unreleased (2006) It’s bascially that old vaudeville tune “A little of What You Fancy Does You Good”—but with testosterone. Duggles—who’s always good for an anthem—sounds a little like that Carradine boy who sang “It Don’t Worry Me” in Altman’s NASHVILLE. But our boy is a much better songwriter. Buy his Eno record now, damn it! 
  • “It’s a Rainbow” by OP8 (excerpt) SLUSH (Thirsty Ear 1997) Booze is so glamorous! Over the last decade or so, the lovely and talented Lisa Germano has channeled her crushing sense of futility into some of the most beautiful music ever.SEE ALSO:
  • A young Jewish rapper from NYC—not this guy — who describes himself as “the male Lil Kim and the white Eminem“.Urban legend has it that if you synch up a certain Soce record with Joe Gage’s seminal L.A. TOOL & DIE strange things happen.