World Music for Amateur Sexual Predators


C.S.S. are a six-piece from São Paulo who don’t play indigenous music that’d get them filed in the “world” bin. With Diplo’s props and a MySpace profile, who needs that baggage, anyway? Plus they’ve got more important issues to tend to: Paris Hilton, booze, sex . . . stuff like that. On their self-titled debut (which translates to “Tired of being sexy” in Portugese), they deliver 10 ebullient synth-rock bangers of mindless fun that show more panache than Le Tigre (too ironic), Bananarama (too tame), or the Donnas (too white). Aside from Adriano Cintra (the dude), these girls claim to know nothing about the instruments they play, so these jams have an effortless, breezy feel. Frontwoman Lovefoxxx talk-sings more than she belts—and her lyrics are sometimes crazy stupid—but she’s got sass to spare. On the haunted disco “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above,” she spits come-hither lines like “I want you to show me how mad is your love/Come and attack me it’s not gonna hurt.” You won’t remember a thing.