One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila—Floor


How fitting that Iguanas, located across the street from St. John’s University in Queens, would choose to educate imbibers with its very own tequila museum. But you won’t find any “Do Not Touch” signs at this museum. You are encouraged to caress and guzzle the more than 1,300 different bottles of tequila here. There’s a $33,000 bottle of tequila de oro that owner Carlos Londono is a bit protective of, but all other tequilas are fair game for the law school students, St. John’s staffers, and locals, who refer to Manhattan as “the city.” These regulars drink everything from a $6 lick-slam-suck shot to a $450 pour of silky smooth Meritage tequila. But the real pleasures here are the margaritas and sangrias, ranging from $6 a glass to $20 for a half-pitcher or $30 to $40 for a full pitcher. A frozen margarita made on the spot with fruit of your choice gives a delightful buzz without the annoying brain freeze. Come between noon and 4 p.m. and sit outside at one of three small, shaded tables. Drink a $2 Tecate draft, and order the $5 “quick lunch” of Spanish rice and chicken sautéed in garlic and wine, and you’ll start to wonder if there’s still time to apply to St. John’s in the fall.