Game for Greenpoint?


Desperate for a new bar adventure on a recent Saturday night, I sent out calls to fellow lushes. When only two random friends agreed to go out, I wondered if they would like this excursion and each other. A very long subway ride on the G to Greenpoint Avenue did not soothe my initial apprehensions, nor did the lengthy walk over to Franklin Street, where we passed the extremely gaudy Polonaise Terrace, quickly followed by a Live Poultry Slaughter sign. My anxiety dissolved once we entered the tri-level bar that is Lulu’s. This Brooklyn funhouse takes the simple equation of games plus alcohol equals partay to new levels with its retro carnival-themed space. Case in point: After one round of the arcade game Skee-Ball (Google it if you’re too young to know what this is), the three of us instantly bonded—although the round of gin and tonics ($5) probably helped too. As new BFFs we migrated over to the bar’s sparkly blue stools and sampled the Kentucky Scurvy ($3), a potent blend of Maker’s Mark, grapefruit juice, and lime. As we listened to the DJ play everything from rock to reggae, we confessed our haunting memories of ’90s fashion (baby tees and flannel shirts?!) before calling it a night. A pounding headache the next morning reminded me that I didn’t need to return for any more Kentucky Scurvys, but I would gladly trek back if only to sample the free cheese-and-tomato po’ boys (a treat offered from 6 to 10 p.m.) and, of course, to perfect my Skee-Ball skills.

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