‘Little Man’


The Wayans brothers’ white-faced farce White Chicks was the most pleasurably guilty attraction of the 2004 summer season. On paper, this new caper, about a diminutive jewel thief (Marlon Wayans) masquerading as a newborn, sounds like a suitably irreverent follow-up. But Little Man is the last thing you’d expect (or want) from the brothers: a bid for respectability. Well, maybe respectability is too strong a term for a movie with this many dick jokes, hits to the groin, and a parade of the dumbest white people this side of a blaxploitation picture. But the Wayanses have dialed down the outrageousness to sub-PG-13 levels. The sight of the pint-sized thief—created by computer effects that graft Wayans’s face onto the body of a child actor—is a hoot, but having accomplished that feat, the movie runs dry of ideas.

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