‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’


Hell hath no fury like a woman superhero scorned in director Ivan Reitman and screenwriter Don Payne’s loopy cross-pollination of comic-book mythos and crazed-ex-lover melodrama. Luke Wilson is the on-the-rebound architect who falls for a bookish gallery curator (Uma Thurman), only to discover she’s really the alter ego of G-Girl, an indestructible, meteorite- enhanced crime fighter. G-Girl’s a whiz-bang in the bedroom too; when she and Wilson make love—a hilarious scene—the earth literally moves under their feet. But romantic bliss is short-lived for these two lonely hearts, and when Wilson tries to break things off, G-Girl goes nutzoid. My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a one-joke movie, but the joke happens to be a good one—a Tracy-and-Hepburn-style battle of the sexes in which Kate can fly and blast through walls—and Reitman (who made Ghostbusters) feels at home with the mix of screwball and supernatural.