Al Leiter Pitches for Dubya


What has 1,974 strikeouts, a career ERA of 3.80, and likes Republicans? Well-liked former Mets and Yankees slinger Al Leiter, that’s who! Today the retired pitcher is taking questions about tee-ball as part of the regular “Ask the White House” series on the Bush administration website. Leiter—whose 162 career wins scorches the Bush administration’s foreign policy record—is identified as the “White House Tee Ball Honorary First Base Coach.” But it’s long been suspected that the affable southpaw (who, with his wife Lori, is active in charitable endeavors) might seek a more prestigious title (i.e., an elected one). A one-time Jersey GOP “Dude of the Week,” Leiter has given cash to GOP senators George “Spittoon” Allen and fellow MLB pitcher Jim Bunning, whose 16 seasons on the mound got him into the Hall of Fame. Leiter is unlikely to follow Bunning to Cooperstown, but some GOPers hope he’ll join Bunning in the Senate.

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