Monday 8/14



Dynamic Duo
On the run with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant

Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and the City of Lights star in Stanley Donen’s 1963 classic Charade, a film that is often jokingly referenced as the best picture Hitchcock never made. A big box office success for Donen ( Funny Face, Singin’ in the Rain), Charade is a sophisticated espionage thriller that uses pranks and deadpan humor instead of cloak-and- dagger seriousness; the opening close-up is of a hand holding a pistol that turns out to be a child with a water gun. Dressed in stunning Givenchy, Hepburn is on the run from her dead husband’s ex–army buddies (who think she has money they stole during the war) and meets up with Grant, who wants to help her—or does he? The cast also features pros Walter Matthau, James Coburn, and George Kennedy, wearing a delightfully sinister mechanical arm. Henry Mancini provides the enchanting score . At 8, Bryant Park, 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue,, free ANGELA ASHMAN


Bingo Was His Name-O
A naughtier version of Grandma’s favorite pastime

Crotchety church ladies can go elsewhere! Monday Night Bingo
at Mo Pitkin’s is for serious gamblers willing to make fools of themselves for the sake of winning cheap prizes and a couple of bucks. Irreverent duo Murray Hill and Linda Simpson host 15 rounds of bingo, punctuated with eye-rolling jokes—”O-69″ never gets old—and plenty of dares. Rumor has it one “winner” was forced to parade around the room, showing off her booty in embarrassing 1970s-style red running shorts, in order to claim her booty. Thankfully, the game is about the journey and not the loot: Prizes range from useless (a mechanical chirping peacock) to worthless (a Joan Collins book on CD). By the end of the night one lucky soul can scoop up a pot worth up to $75. Warning: Do not yell out bingo unless you’re really, really sure; the hosts will heckle you till the night is through—or as long as they remember your name. From 9:30 to midnight, 34 Avenue A, 212-777- 5660, $2 for bingo cards STEVIE REMSBERG