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P.S. 64: Singer Stops Chopping, Starts Talking


We just got word that developer Gregg Singer has stopped chopping P.S. 64. According to Dan Reardon of the National Architectural Trust, Singer called off the demo crew late in the day Wednesday and offered to resume talks with City Council rep Rosie Mendez. But when we reached Singer on Friday afternoon, he griped that he had yet to hear back from Mendez.

“We gave them what we thought was an incredible proposal,” Singer said of his latest scheme to convert the building into condos or luxury apartments in exchange for some community space. “If she says she doesn’t like it, okay, let her comment on it. She could pick up the phone.

“These people don’t understand, time is money,” Singer added. “The longer this takes, the less space they get because it costs me more money. The contractor is already charging me for not working. It’s crazy.”

As crazy as chopping off the face of a landmarked building? We tracked down Mendez’s chief of staff, Lisa Kaplan, who said she told the attorney for the City Council to tell Singer’s attorney that she’d get back to them on Monday.

“I heard it was an indefinite stoppage,” Kaplan said, when told Singer was threatening to put the demo crew back on Monday.

Maybe both sides can get their smoke signals straight and talk turkey this time.

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