Sharpton vs. NPR


This week, National Public Radio has been proving just how white a broadcast network can be. For the “Conversations on Black Leadership” series, running each day on Morning Edition, NPR hosts have interviewed African American luminaries from Newark mayor Cory Booker to Young and Rubicam CEO Ann Fudge.

And then, finally, this morning, they met up with Al Sharpton. Renee Montagne got the honor of interviewing Sharpton, who’s apparently just plain quicker than she. Montagne led with a question about Tawana Brawley, saying the case was his entree to national prominence. Wrong. That would be the 1986 Howard Beach race murder of Michael Griffith. Sharpton made sure she never got back to the question, never got on track, never sounded like anything other than a journalist absolutely in over her head. The segment’s available here. Check, in particular, the question in which she seems to suggest that pressing a civil rights violation is somehow the opposite of empowering people.

Trying to dish it out:

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Not having it:

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