Free Pizza with Drinks


NYU’ers rejoice, a bar that serves a free personal pizza with every drink has arrived on 14th Street. (Everyone else, steer clear of the place on a Saturday night lest overhearing debates on K-Mart’s exra-long sheets versus Bed Bath & Beyond’s.) The owners of free-pizza shtick spots Capone’s and Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg have branched out to Manhattan. Crocodile Lounge, located at the former home of the Cellar, is considerably smaller than its Brooklyn brethren but possibly the best decorated of the three. White plaster relief-like alligators dangle from the low ceiling, while the blue-and-green tiled bar top shimmers in an aquatic iridescence. A downsized space, however, means no room for dancing, which, with the prevalence of popped-collar polo shirts the night we visited, is a good thing. Island dwellers looking to cut a rug will still have to head out to Alligator Lounge for their “(Not Straight) Outta Compton” gay hip-hop night, which isn’t a bad thing, as it’s one of Brooklyn’s best parties. Not in the mood for dancing, we stuck around and made do in the back game room, equipped with two Skee-Ball lanes and good ol’ Buck Hunter Pro, and ended the night in the outdoor patio, a great place for a slice or a smoke. Luckily prices allow for longevity since they weren’t adjusted too much, with Guinness at $6 compared to $5 across the river. And what about that nothing-to-write-home-about pizza that suddently doesn’t taste half bad because it’s free? It’s still delicious.