Rack Focus


All the King’s Men


This “new” release is actually a reissue of Robert Rossen’s 1949 Best Picture winner, adapted from the novel by Robert Penn Warren. The only original material here is a preview of the remake opening this week, which stars Sean Penn and his good friend Jude Law. Penn will be hard-pressed to top Broderick Crawford’s blustery Oscar-winning turn as a Huey Long–like politician.

Beavis & Butt-head Do America


Beavis and Butt-head were obviously meant for the small screen, but this 1996 feature, in which a cross-country adventure is precipitated by the theft of the dynamic duo’s TV set, preserved a good deal of B&B’s sublimely stupid essence, even if the show’s spot-on music video critiques are sorely missed. The 10th anniversary edition includes commentary by creator Mike Judge, a making-of short, TV spots, and more.


(First Run)

A young tailor begins impersonating a policeman after getting his hands on the requisite garment in this highly praised directorial debut from Diao Yinan, star of Yu Lik-Wai’s underscreened All Tomorrow’s Parties.