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Yvette Clarke: How Do You Like Her Now?


Never mind Yvette Clarke’s phantom Oberlin degree. Never mind her unpaid student loans. And apparently, never mind the three other candidates in the Democratic primary for the 11th congressional district (Note: The district number has been corrected). Brooklyn has spoken, and what it said was “Hello, Representative Clarke.”

(The conqueror, by way of

Gothamist has a good roundup on Clarke’s journey to Washington, which includes the briefest of ceremonial stops for the November general election. We’re guessing the 31 percent of the vote she captured did not include the poster below, who piled on after Voice writer Tom Robbins busted the City Council member for stepping out on her college debt:

“She’s been making $90,000 a year on the city council and she can’t pay back 20 year old student loans?” wrote the commenter. “And she’s been employed constantly (or so she says) since then, mostly in government positions. I get it, Yvette, you can take the taxpayers’ money, but can’t quite give it back. I’d hate to see what she’d do in D.C.”

Here comes your chance.


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