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Price Your Pork


Common Cause has crunched the numbers on the member items inserted in this year’s state budget. New York County is the largest recipient, with $17 million or 33 percent of the total. Albany, Brooklyn, and Queens are next, with Nassau, the Bronx, and Suffolk also in the top ten getters. (The rankings change, however, if you weight them by population: Albany leads, Manhattan takes third, Brooklyn places eighth and the other boroughs fall outside the top paychecks.)

The average award is nineteen grand, but they range from 500 bucks to $4.9 million. And the top recipients?

1) Medicaid: Clinic Transition Funding ($4,912,000.00)

2) Prisoners’ Legal Services Of New York ($2,285,000.00)

3) Empire State Development Corporation ($1,625,000.00)

4) The Legal Aid Society ($1,192,700.00)

5) Dental Clinics ($1,050,000.00)

6) Jobs Program For Non-TANF Recipients ($1,025,000.00)

7) NYS Defenders Association, Inc. ($900,000.00)

8) OTDA – Supportive Homeless Outreach ($800,000.00)

9) The Osborne Association, Inc. ($718,300.00)

10) Ohel Children’s Home And Family Services, Inc. ($715,000)

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