Cleanup Time (Or, What Am I Doing Up So Late, You Ask?)


SYNOPSIS: We who never sleep decided to spend one long and lonely night—and aren’t they all?—sorting through the heaps of CDs, mostly new (or new to us) that claim so much real estate in your Uncle LD’s life. Or so-called life. Of course, being as light of heart as we are, we only chose songs to play for you, dear listener, that are all surface… mere bagatelles of a gossamer sort of something or another programmed to make you shiver with joy and glee and a love of life. And if you believe that, lover, then you might also want to get your meds upped, because winter is coming and it gets lonely up in that tower, doesn’t it?

NEXT WEEK: Ssssssssssshhh! Quiet Time w/ Uncle LD



Intro: “Neutronica Finale” by Long Hind Legs, free mp3 from That Vern guy from Unwound sure made some lovely music with his band (we admit having a secret crush on the girlie drummer, Sara Lund!) but we really like him being all new-wavey. Look them up, and buy their eponymous debut. NB: A band called Hind Hind Legs has a record called LOVELY FEATHERS that isn’t these people, we don’t think. Or maybe the record is called HIND HIND LEGS by a band called Lovely Feathers?

“Forever” by the Positions, from BLISS! (Lazy Line, 2006) New to us, maybe new to you, too? What a pity their label seems to be named for product by a band we despise. But don’t hold that against them, since they make yummy pop. Tres chickfactor, non?

In Your Tank” by Richard Parsons with Allegra Geller, from UNTIL THE SUN DIES (Bellvue Collective, 2005) Mr. Parsons leaves mildly provocative comments on our myspace page [] with some regularity and we love him for that. As you undoubtedly know by now, it’s all about love for your Uncle LD. Like Pat Benatar, we live for the stuff. But we’re not entirely sure the title of this song is not in code. Though of course being modest and pure of heart, we’d never understand such like.

“Virginia Avenue” by Kid Congo Powers with the Knoxville Girls, from SOLO CHOLO (New York Night Train, 2005) An insane Tom Waits cover by a gent we deeply admire. We especially like that he doesn’t even try to make the song (or his voice) sound the least like Mr. Waits’ signature style.

“I Saw Her at the Anti-War Demonstration” by Jens Lekman, from OH YOU’RE SO SILENT, JENS (Secretly Canadian, 2005) More topicality. Milk? Lemon?

“Burning Airlines” by Doug Hilsinger with Caroleen Beatty, from BRIAN ENO’S TALKING TIGER MOUNTAIN (DBK Works, 2004) Heavens, we should have played this on last week’s extravaganza, but we couldn’t find the disc. Now, of course, we have no excuse—our desk is clean!!!!!!!! So here goes.

“Rail Road” by Grimble Grumble, from PRESSED FOR SOUND (Pehr, 2006) Grand shoegazey miasma. More, please! Oh, wait—

“Childlike” by the Relict, from PRESSED FOR SOUND (Pehr, 2006) Yep, more from the same compilation. Can you tell this guy used to be in the Clientele? Sometimes less reverb is a good thing. Bit only sometimes.

“Ever So Lonely” by Monsoon, remixed by Art Maharg from HOW SLOW CAN YOU GO? (Razormaid, 1991) Not this, but rather a phenomenal moment in pop that prefigures all the lame hipster (can you believe we actually typed that word?) bollywood mania. As much fun as Danielle Dax, maybe a wee bit less scary. Hail Razormaid!

“Shattered” by William Fitzsimmons, from WHEN WE ARE GHOSTS (unreleased, 2006) Who needs love letters in the sand when you have this guy to sing you to sleep? Rumour has it he’s a mental health worker. Somehow, it all seems very “session 9” to us. But what do we know? Somewhere in our archives we have straitjacket salvedged from Boliver State, size XL.

“Credit Theme” by Pink Fever, from PINK FEVER (self-released, 2004)

No, not this one, but rather a one-off project by a guy from New Orleans that we know in Bushwick. Plays trombone. Wears funny hats. Likes fucked up music. Yes, yes—we like him for all this.

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