Kickass Funk Jams for Scuzzy Weirdos


If the Howling Hex’s latest turned out like predecessors All-Night Fox and You Can’t Beat Tomorrow—i.e., yet another foray into dense, hyper-stuttering funk rock—then I was gonna bombard the band’s blog with creepy-fan demands to drop the house-party shenanigans and create a rural jazz-rock masterpiece à la Eat a Peach. But luckily such action is not required, as guitarist and composer Neil Michael Hagerty—who obviously rules this band—has produced his best work since forming the Hex back in ’03. I mean, sure, this 50-minute, seven-track set is still full-on funky, but it’s far more dubby than Bootsy. With thick, tropical basslines anchoring the middle and Lyn Madison’s rattling percussion playing the role of tribal-disco metronome, Hagerty and fellow axman Mike Saenz chant cryptic, quasi-political slogans and engage in nonstop, harmolodic soloing that lies somewhere between Greg Ginn and Peter Green. Now, I’m tempted to call this kickass jam “rock,” but that might scare you.