Directors Steven Cantor and Matthew Galkin titled their documentary about the Pixies’ 2004 reunion tour loudQUIETloud because the band’s well-rehearsed performances are indeed loud—age hasn’t stolen a single decibel from the group’s genre-defining fusion of angular post-punk and catchy powerpop. But behind the scenes, all is quiet: Charles Thompson (a/k/a Black Francis), Kim Deal, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering have little to talk about. They’ve grown into very different individuals who have just one thing in common: cashing in on a sound that has spawned a worldwide cult of rabid fans, even more so since the Boston quartet broke up in 1992. It’s the personal lives behind the myth that Cantor and Galkin examine, though there’s not much to work with. All four are fairly average and pretty likable, dealing with problems we all deal with: substance abuse, divorce, death, parenthood, etc. Beyond Lovering popping Valium and bumming out his bandmates, the entire affair looks and feels like a reality television show minus the cheap drama.