Mark Foley’s One Sick Pup


Our colleague down in Florida, Bob Norman of New Times Broward-Palm Beach, has Republican congressman Mark Foley’s number, and has had it for a while.

Norman posts this about the freshly disgraced representative in The Daily Pulp:

Turns out former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley was sitting around in his underwear sending e-mails to teen boys about masturbation, or “spanking it” as the Republican Congressman calls it. Brian Ross at ABC News got hold of the messages and when Foley found out, he quit almost on the spot.

The truly sad thing about this is that Foley has only confirmed the worst Christian Right stereotypes about gay men, stereotypes that of course are largely untrue. But then again he’s never represented or embodied the larger gay population. He’s a gay man in the closet at the age of 52 — and a Republican, no less. We should have all expected this kind of thing.

Interesting information in those e-mails, though. Foley, for those inquiring minds that want to know, likes to masturbate with lotion and a towel and considers 7 1/2 inches a great penis size.

We learn this while he’s chatting with a teenager who’s mother is yelling at him about his homework.

Yep, Foley is a goddamn predator.

Unbelievable. The following exchange is one Foley had with a kid in 2003, not long before I wrote the outing story.