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Would You Take This Guy’s Deal?


In this week’s Voice, reporter Kristen Lombardi recounts the sage of Daniel Peckham, a guy so dedicated to his rent-stabilized apartment in Chelsea that he will not move.

No matter what.

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Lombardi writes:

Two years ago, his landlord, Larry Tauber—by accounts, neither a sleazy slumlord nor a chummy pushover—offered Peckham $75,000 to leave his $1,007-a-month West 21st Street one-bedroom, so that he could begin a gut renovation of the building to convert it to swanky rentals. Peckham’s refusals led Tauber to up the offer; by this summer, he’d tried to tempt the tenant with an $800-a-month lease governed by rent-stabilized guidelines on a renovated one-bedroom on West 69th Street between Columbus Avenue and Broadway, a five-minute walk away from the apartments of Steven Spielberg and Bruce Willis.

But Peckham kept saying no. . . .

Apparently, a rent-stabilized apartment–on the top floor, at the back of the building, facing south–is worth that much to Peckham.

But would it be worth that much to you? Would you take the deal? Is Peckham crazy?

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