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Truth, Lies, and Mark Foley


OK, so Kirk Fordham, the longtime chief of staff for former Florida congressman Mark Foley, now says he busted the page-hunting Republican to none other House Speaker Dennis Hastert two years ago. Which is fine, until you learn that Fordham, in that same role, tried to call a New Times Broward-Palm Beach reporter off publishing a Foley-is-gay story back in 2003.

As Bob Norman writes in the Daily Pulp:

Fordham called me on more than one occasion, trying like hell to talk me out of writing the story. I can’t even remember all his arguments (damn I wish I would have kept those notes) but I do recall that he was particularly forceful. I also recall having the sensation that this guy cared about the truth about as much as Foley cared about the Penthouse magazine.

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