‘DOA: Dead or Alive’


It’s the time of year when most critics devote all their time to Important Cinema about war hurting people, or English people being uptight and it can be easy to forget that moviegoers tend to enjoy films that are fun. Therefore, praise be to Corey Yuen (The Transporter) for delivering one of the year’s purest entertainments, the best butt-kicking PG-13 bikini jigglefest since the first Charlie’s Angels flick. Based on a fighting video game, or possibly a back issue of Maxim, it involves a tournament on a mysterious island run—as such tournaments and islands tend to be—by an evil mastermind (Eric Roberts) with a secret agenda. Among the world warriors are a father-daughter pro-wrestling team (Kevin Nash and Jaime Pressly), an English jewel thief (Holly Valance), a renegade Japanese princess (Devon Aoki), and a black kickboxer with a green mohawk and goatee (Brian J. White). The film’s pretty much nonstop fighting, mostly in very little clothing, with the flair you expect from a master choreographer like Yuen. It’s awesome.

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