Glittery Brit Diva’s Remixes Are Better Trashy Than Bush-y


Enter the nip/tuck world of Alison Goldfrapp, where being blessed with a sound progressing not a day past 1989 isn’t enough. This year’s overprocesssed, synthed-out, Frappuccino-crowd electropop record Supernature gets a little work done on this remix disc, wherein club-certified DJs help this gothy, blonde English vamp with peacock feathers on her bum become more ’70s funk. Save Benny Bennasi’s silicone-slick “Ooh La La” treatment, the disco-fied remixes give more of a lift than the big-beat raves. T. Raumschmiere’s Dr. Who–ification of “Lovely 2 C U” and Ewan Pearson’s take on “Ride a White Horse” prove that Alison owes a helluva lot more to Laid Back than T. Fucking Rex. “I like daawncing/I like the disco,” she purrs trashily. Let’s forget the Múm stuff ever happened though—their atmospherics make the Kate Bush imitation “You Never Know” sound even more Bush-y. The real blowout here is Alan Braxe & Fred Falke’s oh-so-Chic makeover of “Number 1″—they do that trick of slowing the record from 33 1/3 down to 16, then speeding it back up to approaching 45 over the repeated phrase “I’m like a dawg to get you.” Perfect for such a time-warped doll.