New York

Jesus Fish


There’s fish and chips and then there’s Fish from God. A Taste of Seafood, a fry shack on 125th Street, will make a believer even out of a Village Voice writer. Sietsema’s review is proudly displayed on the wall, which confirmed my curiosity. I wandered in on the assumption that all those people waiting in a line out the door, under an awning that says “Servants of God” wouldn’t be wrong. The fried whiting is outrageous, and when I brought a fish-phobic friend, I discovered that the chicken wings also seem to be sent from above.

A Taste of Seafood is moving sometime around the New Year. They’re not going far—just across the street, but one never knows if the fry-O-lators will be exactly the same. Go now, especially if you haven’t been.

A Taste of Seafood
50 East 125th Street
(212) 831-5584

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