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It’s a Good One: Shake Shack’s Red Pepper Relish


Full disclosure: my sister, Carla Lalli Music, is the general manager at the Shake Shack. I do wait on line and pay for my meals, but I am also biased. Shacktoberfest is almost over, and with it the red hot relish will be gone. The relish, made from pickled hot chili peppers, was a special condiment for the special sausages (Cajun Bratwurt and Smoked Bratwurst particularly) but when I ate it, and part of my lip went delightfully numb, I realized I wanted it on everything, all the time.

Luckily, we can all make it at home. Here is the “recipe”:

Red Pepper Relish
“You make it by purchasing pickled hot cherry peppers and processing them (w/o liquid) in a cuisinart until relish-y.”


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