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Top Chef: Who are these people?


Billyburg in the house

Season 2 of Top Chef premiered last night, and thankfully, they’ve decreased the number of weirdo moms and poop-obsessed health food freaks.

Bravo even replaced Steven, the pretentious sommelier you loved to hate with Thundercat-haired Marcel, master cook at Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas, who will surely provide entertainment with his avant garde molecular gastronomy.

And they got rid of half dead Katie Lee Joel and replaced her with hot Indian model/actress/cookbook author/wife of Salman Rushdie Padma Lakshmi. Awesome.

They’ve also increased the New York representation, as Eater pointed out. Some details on our hometown cooks:

Ilan Hall: 24, Line cook, Casa Mono (Buddy Holly glasses, sassy mouth)
Josie Smith-Malave: 31, Sous Chef, Marlow and Sons (hipster lesbian).
Suyai Steinhauer (FIRST COOK ELIMINATED): 28, Chef/Owner, New York Fork Catering (got into cooking as a way to heal her bulimia. Eek.)
Sam Talbot: 28, Executive Consulting Chef (at various places, it seems). I got excited and thought this might be the same Sam Talbot who runs the kimchi/hot dog stand on Stanton and Ludlow, but alas, no.

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