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Cop Union Pulls Hevesi Endorsement


The Sergeants Benevolent Association on Tuesday withdrew its backing of Alan Hevesi in light of allegations that the state comptroller broke the law by assigning a state employee as his wife’s driver and not reimbursing the taxpayers quickly or completely.

President Ed Mullins, whose organization is the fifth largest police union in the country, says it was the State Ethics Commission report that did Hevesi in, finding as it did that: “there is reasonable cause to believe that Mr. Hevesi knowingly and intentionally used his position as New York State Comptroller to secure unwarranted privileges for himself and his wife, and in doing so, pursued a course of conduct that raises suspicion among the public that he likely engaged in acts that violated the public trust.”

Driven to distraction (OSC)

In a statement, Mullins says the allegations against Hevesi, “suggest a total lack of regard and respect for the law, as well as a blatant misuse of public funds for personal use.”

So far, if polls are to be trusted, the dust-up over Mrs. Hevesi’s driver hasn’t dented the comptroller’s commanding lead over Republican J. Christopher Callaghan. But that was before a state agency found Hevesi had broken the law, and a union abandoned him. Hevesi has lots of other endorsements, from the Working Families Party to the Stonewall Democrats to the League of Conservation Voters. Will anyone else drop him?


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