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Hip-Hop Staffers: Are Their Hands Clean?


In this week’s Village Voice, Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond talks to people working in the hip-hop industry about the sex, violence, and drugs in rap culture. Seems that after the Source trial (with its $15.5 million finding of sex harassment at the magazine), some of those staffers are having second thoughts. And some of them are just going with what works—blood and booty being right up there:

“The market’s overly saturated and, you know, there’s things you need to do to sort of—some people gotta do what they gotta do,” said one music marketer. “You know? It’s the society that dictates it. It’s not the rappers that dictate it.”

Kim Osorio, right, just won a $15.5 million sexual harassment verdict against the Source.

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