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‘Shottas’ | Village Voice




Writer-director Cess Silvera claims he’s trying to “show the gritty life of Jamaican immigrants,” but Shottas is no more a social-issue film than Scarface; in fact, if you’re one of those who just bought the Scarface anniversary DVD for its new sound mix featuring louder explosions, this movie is highly recommended. Kymani Marley plays a Jamaican mobster kicked out of the U.S. for his various crimes, and eventually sent back when the heat at home gets too intense again. There are no heroes here, just gangsters looking to get paid, plus lots of women with huge fake breasts walking around in bikinis. The dancehall soundtrack is loud and pumping, and while the body count is high, no one simply drops to the floor—this is the kind of movie where every gunshot causes victims to swan-dive in slo-mo, spewing an arcing geyser of blood out their mouths as they go. The Jamaican patois is so strong as to be subtitled, and it turns out blood clot is street slang for motherfucker.

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