Last Meal: Sohui Kim, Chef at The Good Fork


We asked Sohui Kim, the chef at The Good Fork in Red Hook, what she would eat for her last meal. Every week, we’ll force a different person to contemplate his or her mortality for our entertainment. And we’ll even get recipes whenever possible.

“The meal will most likely start with a seaweed soup made by my dearly departed grandmother. In Korea, seaweed soup is traditionally eaten on your birthday to signify another year of growth. But in our household, it was a regular item on our dinner table. Now, my grandmother wasn’t a great cook but her seaweed soup is something i still miss. She was a devout Buddhist who took her time with everything and even to a simple seaweed soup, she gave her time and patience.

“The ingredients and the recipe is as follows:
Sauté minced garlic in a bit of oil until it threatens to turn brown.
Throw in some wakame seaweed. Add dashi, dried anchovies and bring to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes.
Season with sea salt and black pepper.

“Simple, but it’s all in the technique. The soup would be accompanied by my mother’s homemade kimchi (which i serve at the restaurant), steamed white rice, and my savory korean egg custard with scallions and sesame seeds.”

The Good Fork
391 Van Brunt Street
(718) 643-6636


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