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Slain Journalist’s Last Video


The last video captured by Brad Will, a radical journalist from New York City who was gunned down while filming protests in Oaxaca, Mexico, is now available online.

Will was killed on Friday by a group that included off-duty police officials in plain clothes as he filmed anti-government demonstrations there. He was 36 years old.

(image of Brad Will, via, which has ongoing coverage)

Will’s friends have been hoping the contents of his camera would serve to further identify his killer. The footage shows interviews along the barricades and images of shooters in the distance firing toward the protesters. It ends with the sound of Will being shot. He groans and apparently drops the camera amid a volley of gunfire.

Vigils and demonstrations began in New York and elsewhere on Friday night, as the news of Will’s death spread. Social justice activists plan to continue protesting the cases of Will and others killed or wounded by Mexican authorities in the Oaxaca clashes. Activists are calling for demonstrations Monday morning outside the Mexican consulate in New York.

Brad Will’s last video

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