There’s Always Been a Little Shit in the Burgers



Lucky Bruce Willis gets most of the funny lines in the un-comedy Fast Food Nation (out 11/17). Before I tell you about the screening at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, let me say, on behalf of the filmmakers: IT IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY.

Forget the book. The movie follows different characters at different levels of the fast food industry (the illegal immigrants who work at the “meat processing plant,” the teenager who works the register at the fictional chain “Mickey’s”, the executive with a semi-conscience). Turning the book into a fictional story was much more than an adaptation. But, like the book, the movie is kind of a bummer. So is it wrong that it made me want a burger? Not that the poop-infested patties in the movie looked good—looking at them made me feel like I’d been eating them, and now craved a good one to erase the painful memory. The more common reaction is to swear off meat for a week, I suppose.

Also, Avril Lavigne, for no imaginable reason, appears in the role of a collegiate environmentalist. It’s hard to tell whether she was awful or genius, but she was definitely distracting. And that’s something. One more warning: If your parents still have to cover your eyes during the rabbit-skinning scene in Roger and Me, watch out toward the end of this one…