‘Top Model’ Interview: Rock & Roll Megg


De Yonker/The CW.
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There are still a few more weeks before the Top Model finale, but I lost interest after my favorite contestant, Megg Morales, was voted off. I talked yesterday with the 19-year-old rocker from Los Angeles about her lion-lady hair extensions, her recruitment through MySpace, and the contract she had with Elite prior to the show.

What have you been up to since the show ended? I’m starting a t-shirt company called Reckless Redemption and it’s going to be for skaters and bands. Besides that, I’ve been trying to get an agency and do some more modeling. And I’ve been working on some music too. It’s just me and my friend. She plays the piano; I play rhythm guitar. I’m [also] going to train to be a lifeguard. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but I thought it was pretty crazy, so fuck it.

How did you end up on the show? Were you recruited? Actually, someone found me on MySpace. I didn’t have modeling pictures up or anything. She was just like, ‘Hey, if you wanna try out for this show called Top Model, I’ll help make you an appointment.’

Do you still have a MySpace profile? No, I had to get rid of it right now, until the show’s over. Then I’m going to put one up and everyone will know about it. I’ll make sure of it, haha.

So funny. I didn’t know they were recruiting on MySpace. Yeah, isn’t that such a trip?

Why did you want to go on Top Model? Had you done any modeling before that? I was with Elite for a time and did some catalog work. The show came up, and it was just this really crazy opportunity. I’d be stupid not to go.

How did you get signed to Elite? My mom took some snapshots and sent them to them, and they called me back two days later. All I had to do was grow my eyebrows out, and they signed me.

Do you think models are snobs? Or do they just get a bad rap? Well, they make themselves get a bad rap because they’re so full of themselves. Being beautiful, sometimes it just makes you like, ‘Oh, I’m so cute. Eveyrobdy loves me because I’m so beautiful. I can act anyway I want.’ I think I have some good qualities, but I think my best quality is my personality. If you’re a shitty girl, you’re going to be ugly outside too. I don’t care how pretty a girl is.
I don’t understand why most models I’ve met are like that. They’re just spoiled brats to me.

Did you like working with Elite? I think was really young, and there was a lot I needed to learn about myself. It was just kind of tough, because there were all these beautiful girls and I was just this tomboy, this awkward chick. Thank god I needed to graduate, because if I didn’t leave I don’t think I would have gotten to know myself.

I didn’t realize some contestants were already signed with agencies before they went on the show. Are you still with Elite? No, because we had to drop all of our agencies to go on the show. I canceled [my contract] because I wanted to graduate from high school and getting my diploma was more important.

The contestants on this show have to be 18 or over, older than when most young models start their careers. Do you think they’re too old to have a real chance at becoming a top model? I don’t think it hurts your chances. As long as you take care of yourself, you’ll continue to look young. But starting young is definitely a plus, because you get more experience and know what to do, and your face gets out there a lot earlier. But the show shoots you up, so you pass like three years just because of how much exposure you get.

Really? Because I know another complaint is that there hasn’t been a major model that emerged from Top Model. If you want to come out a supermodel, you can’t rely on the show anymore. And I think a lot of contestants do rely on that. But this show, I think some people are going to do extremely well. A.J., CariDee, they could be supermodels.

You seemed to take everything in stride. Did the competitiveness of some of the other girls bother you? At some points, I was just like, ‘Oh my god, Bro, what did I get myself into?’ But then I realized maybe I didn’t want the title as bad because I ended up making a lot of great friends in the house, and making friends was more important to me than having one little trophy. It was weird, because I thought maybe I would slap some bitches down, but I was just like, ‘Woah, these girls are actually really great.’

You were pretty upset at the end, like you knew you were going home. I knew. I was upset the bearded lady was my last picture, and I only really screwed up once. And the fact that Jaeda had been in the bottom a couple of times before, it was just like, get her off already, man. She’s nice, but her pictures weren’t too great.

You had some pretty huge hair extensions. Were you happy with them? That hair was intense, man. I felt like a lion. They should’ve made me the lion lady. I had like six tracks in my head. When I went home, I said, ‘Mom, take these out. I need these out right now.’

Who are you friends with from the show? A.J. and CariDee. Especially A.J. She’s so rockin’, she’s definitely my girl. And I like the twins.

A.J. seemed so lonely. I don’t understand, they never showed us hanging out. We used to do some crazy shit in that house. One time we made bongo drums and we got CariDee’s guitar and we went into the backyard and had a huge jam session.
I wish they would’ve shown us all jumping in the pool naked when we first got into the house. That was so much fun.

Do you still keep in touch with anyone? I’m in touch with A.J. But CariDee and the twins, I’m really not supposed to be talking to because they’re still on the show.

Who do you hope wins? I hope CariDee kicks some serious ass. If Melrose wins, I’m going to be very upset. I’ll have to give her props for winning, but she’s going to have a very lonely win.

Is Melrose putting on an act? No, that’s just her. She’s not a very kind person. but she’s on a show. I don’t know how she is off the show. But I don’t see how you can act the whole time.

Isn’t CariDee the one who’s always taking off her clothes? Yeah, she was always walking around naked. There’s nothing wrong with that. If it makes you feel comfortable, maybe you should get naked too and see how you feel. Feels pretty cool..hah.

Did you find any of the girls difficult to deal with? Melrose, I just didn’t really like being around her. Her voice is annoying. Monique was a little monster, but thank god she went.

That was disgusting when Monique spread her dirty underwear on Melrose’s bed. Yeah, even I felt for Melrose and I don’t even like her that much. I didn’t like how Monique said, “Oh, I was just acting.” No, that’s how you were. Take responsibility. I’d just be like, “Yeah, I’m a bitch. So what?” Don’t deny who you are.

A lot of reality contestants say that they were just putting on a role. But why would you do that? Why? Because that’s what America is going to see, this chick that’s not even you?

For more screen time. It was upsetting, the fact that I’m not into drama they don’t even show me. But it’s cool, I’d rather be known as the chill person then being this dramatic bitch.

Did you feel like you were fairly portrayed on the show? Yeah, fer sure. I was completely myself, and how they portrayed me was actually pretty cool, cause I was never into the drama and I was always just chillin’.

Did you want your catchphrase to be, ‘rock & roll’? I’m glad it’s ‘rock and roll’ instead of ‘That’s hot.;

Who are your favorite bands? I feel like we need to talk about rock now. Yeah, fer sure. Black Sabbath, Lamb of God. Lamb of God’s my favorite; I saw them with Slayer the summer after I got off the show. They’re my all-time favorite band. Any kind of rock & roll, really. I love it all.

Any particular idols? The drummer for Lamb of God, Chris Adler. Also Anthony Kiedis. I met him at a bar; it was really dope. A bar that I snuck into.

That’s right, you’re under 21. Is it actually hard for you to sneak into bars? I tried the other day, and this guy came up to me and said, ‘Aren’t you that chick from Top Model?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah you are. You’re only 19. Get out of here.’

He kicked you out? Yeah. Because I had a Jack & Coke in my hand. Top Model totally blew my cover.