Cartoon Corner: Breakfast with an Animated Andre 3000


((c) & TM 2006 Cartoon Network)

Eye attended a Cartoon Network upfront breakfast a few months back where Andre 3000 and his co-executive producer Tom Lynch (responsible for the Lil Romeo cartoon) introduced Class of 3000 . The new cartoon follows a music star named Sunny Bridges who gives up his career to teach gifted musical students in Atlanta. Sunny Bridges actually bears a striking resemblance to Benjamin and is voiced by him.

Somewhere between arriving at my table at Cafe Gray and not touching his oatmeal breakfast—does anyone ever really get to eat at these things?—Andre Spoke. “Little Dee, he’s pretty much a smaller version of me,” we learned. And that he has been working on this for about two years. And that “Vince Guaraldi was a huge influence.” Guaraldi is best known for scoring all the Peanuts cartoons—and wouldn’t you know it—a new song composed by Benjamin is featured in every episode, and Benjamin also wrote and performed the title song. Can we also say that at the breakfast, Andre was wearing some crazy massive Navajo wool vest in cream, dark rinse black jeans pulled up past his waist, and that Atlanta Braves cap which never leaves his head. Because the style gods shine upon him, it worked.

Andre Benjamin’s new cartoon Class of 3000 premieres tonight at 7pm (that would be in just a few minutes) with guest performances from the Fox Theater in Atlanta.