Election-Night MTV: Keeping the Kids Informed


After sizing up the networks’ coverage, how about we look into that barometer of youth culture, MTV. How’s the election news? Are we choosing or losing tonight? Vote or Die!! Vote or Die! Diddy, my dawg, where you at?

Via the programming schedule on

8pm: Rob & Big
It’s episode two of MTV’s new reality comedy, which centers around a street skater and his bodyguard. Hijinks ensue!

8:30-10pm: Parental Control
Parents pick a new dweeb boyfriend for their whiney daughter who likes ’em bad and humping a Jordan Catalano choker.

10pm: True Life
Meth heds? Plastic surgery junkies? Nope: Tonight, “i’m Jealous of My Sibling.”

11pm: Real World Denver

Fear not America. The kids are alright.

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