Rockie Weekly Horoscope November 10-16


General Forecast

One of the weirder weeks begins with the suspicious Scorpio sun trying to shed light on the fog Neptune spreads over matters of faith. Veteran’s Day becomes, appropriately enough, a vehicle for expressing Mercury’s conjunction with militant Mars. Sunday’s vibe is one of “I’d better not” as indulgent Venus is squared by restrictive Saturn. By Wednesday, when Venus joins jolly Jupiter, it’s no holds barred. You want pleasure, you got it, probably in excess. Thursday, that plodding, practical Saturnian vibe attempts to keep the creativity of the Scorpio sun in check. Remember: As Mercury gets ready to come out of retrograde on the 17th, it’s likely to make more mischief. Annoying, but not irreversible.


Aries: Mar. 20 – Apr. 19You might not consider them your “friends,” nonetheless folks on the fringe of your social circle can exert a lot of influence when it comes to joint investments and other ways to be involved with other people’s money. At the same time you might be quite circumspect when it comes to revising your own entertainment budget; a wise move considering that Mercury is retrograde until next Saturday and, more importantly, that your Mars ruler is liable to be tempted by the cherished ideals and elaborate visions emitted by mesmerizing Neptune.

Taurus: Apr. 20 – May 20

So, the not-very-challenging challenge facing you this week is figuring out which of the opportunities you’re offered will turn out to be the most advantageous in the long run. While your fairly lucky Venus ruler merges with extremely lucky Jupiter in your Scorpio house of cosmic soul mates on the 15th, there’s no telling if the growth is going to happen in the material, intellectual or romantic arena. Or whether it’ll be you or your partner who gets the juicy rewards and congratulations? Unfortunately, not everyone in the family is applauding.

Gemini: May 21 – Jun. 20

The Twins may be of two minds, but a military mindset is rarely one of them. Therefore, while aggressive Mars joins forces with your Mercury ruler this week, take care that you don’t come off as a martinet. It’s one thing to be highly disciplined about an athletic activity and to show up for practice; it’s another to behave like a drill sergeant at work and order your co-workers around. If you stick too closely to the rules you might miss another brilliant idea Uranus sends your way midweek. Try to slow down before Mercury changes direction on the 17th.

Cancer: Jun. 21 – Jul. 22

If you focus on the positive implications and put your innate reluctance aside, a cautious Crab could capitalize on the extremely lucky and fairly rare (once every 12 years) merger of affectionate Venus and expansive, prosperous Jupiter in your Scorpio house of romance, recreation and risk. Of course, you can always find a reason to worry about something, but this is the last week that five planets will be in simpatico Scorpio and the last week that you’ll have such great rapport with the natives of so many different signs.

Leo: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22

It may only be make-believe, but while your sun ruler is being challenged by imaginative Neptune, you’re likely to become disillusioned, perhaps even duped, more easily than usual. And, because Neptune is in your Aquarius house of partners, scammed by one of your ex’s or the one who is currently sharing the rent. If you’re in partnership with musicians or visual artists, then chances are the provocative square aspect between the planets will bring your joint project to a head. Not a conclusion; that’s scheduled for February.

Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22

Since your Mercury ruler is currently injected with assertive Martian energy, a bigger set of balls is yours for the taking. Launch a crusade, vent some steam and get to the root of whatever is annoying you. You’re also in a better position to make the first move, to actively pursue something or someone you desire. New, in the guise of a gift from innovative Uranus may be offered as the work week begins. Stay tuned for a really good idea, an unusual deal or an introduction to an icon you’ve been dreaming about.

Libra: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

You could be in a push-pull situation as your Venus ruler faces the restrictions that Saturn imposes only one day before you get to enjoy the bounty that Jupiter bestows. How you maintain that celebrated Libra sense of balance is beyond the rest of us, but since it’s your unique situation to resolve, we’re confident that you’ll come to an appropriate (for you) decision. Me, I’d opt for the goodies that generous Jupiter offers, especially if I wanted a jolly good time, lots more money and high-end stuff. Saturnian shackles won’t fit into my bag.

Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Only one more week of being so fucking irresistible; then loving Venus leaves your sign, not to return until Christmas 2007. Jupiter bails on the 23rd, so if there’s something really special you need to make your future, i.e., the next twelve years, much brighter, pray for it now. The sun exits Scorpio the 22nd, but its month-long trip through Sagittarius will illuminate a couple of ways you can increase your financial worth during the holiday season. Mars and Mercury stay through the first week in December, with Mercury facing forward as of next Friday, the 17th.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

You might not be able to get away with murder, but while five planets are lodged in secretive Scorpio, in your karmic twelfth house, you could claim that you weren’t conscious of what was happening or that unknown enemies from a past life were doing the deed. The weeks before Sag begins are often strange, but this year you may feel even more disconnected from your day-to-day existence, as well as from your understanding of what is actually going on. Starting with Venus’ entrance into Sag on the 17th, further changes are in the wind.


Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 20Not exactly subtle, but also not in-your-face. Favors from a colleague or a friend-of-a-friend could be laid at your doorstep while Venus and Jupiter, the good guys of our solar system, support all things Capricorn. These are the same planets and people that offered you the opportunities, stressful as they may have been, and probably still are, to strut your stuff. As Mercury ends its retrograde trip and Venus vacates Scorpio on the 17th, you might hear of a monetary reward in the very near future. Take time to double- better yet triple-check whether this is true.

Aquarius: Jan. 21 – Feb. 18

With Mercury retrograde in your Scorpio career house, you could be worried that your message isn’t getting across or that you’re not receiving the kind of response you anticipated. Bear with the confusion a while longer, say until Mercury turns direct on the 17th. About that time you should begin to notice that a colleague or a casual acquaintance is lending their support to your project. This can be a fairly tough week because the Scorpio sun tests both idealistic Neptune in your sign and practical Saturn in your Leo marriage house.


That prescient pack of planets, all five of them, are currently sequestered in your Scorpio house of faith, philosophy and foreign travel. If ever you were curious about taking your higher mind someplace it’s never been before, now would be a good time. In a few weeks, growth-oriented Jupiter will join Venus and the sun in Sagittarius. That’s when you might be pressured into thinking seriously about your next career move instead of simply being free to roam around, checking out whatever engages your interest.