Election Night Ratings: What Network Did America Watch?


Dallas News

This morning Hollywood Reporter gives the outcome of election night’s battle of the networks. To wit:

ABC was the winner of the night, with an average 9.7 million viewers, compared with CBS’s 6.3 million and NBC’s 7 million. Hollywood Reporter suggests ABC’s extra half hour of coverage and an episode of Dancing with the Stars that played right before might have tipped the scales. If that means it came down to the fiery tango of A.C. Slater, I’m going to cry. (Speaking of, did you happen to notice his Dancing with the Stars bio mentions nothing about Saved by the Bell?)

Moving right along…Fox News beat out CNN in the primetime slot. Another sad reality, but I guess Wolf Blitzer vs. Guiding Light reject with gooey lips: The choice is clear. Fox: 3.1 million viewers. CNN: 2.97 million. Trailing behind: MSNBC, with 1.9.