New York

TV Week in Review



On The Simpsons Halloween episode, Homer swallows green goo from outerspace; eats Dr. Phil, who tastes like Jeffrey Tambor.

On Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken, Mario and Luigi take a detour away from Super Mario Bros. land and into Grand Theft Auto’s Vice City; mistake a $50-a-trick hooker for The Princess.


On Heroes Peter informs a rich old dying dude that he can fly. Dying dude croaks 30 TV-seconds later.


Election night. Colbert concedes defeat, with a Congrats Terrorists cake that “tastes like surrender.”


The morning after Election Night. Unless you live under a rock, I think you know the news here.

On Top Model, what might weigh in as the stupidest challenge ever has contestants chase after a giant compact of Cover Girl Tru-Blend.


On Grey’s Anatomy, the male doctors go on a bonding/hunting expedition, but end up having to Macgyver a surgery in the woods. Put to the test: Dr. “Friend to Gays” Burke.

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