‘Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds’


If American Pie could spawn a sequel, so can Eating Out, Q. Allan Brocka’s queen-teen sex farce from ’05. As its subtitle suggests, this quickie follow-up pretty much makes the most of filling the same Q-cinema void: Once again yummy American Idol alum Jim Verraros plays along with the notion of swinging both ways. The catch in this case is farm boy Troy from Troy, Illinois, though jock-supporting players include, as end credits have it, Very Hot Guy, Hot Shirtless Guy, Hot Clothed Guy, and Hot Surfer Guy. Well, are you in or out? As before, the fun is somewhat capped by absurdly stilted acting and daytime-soap-quality DV, but the nonstop sub-Araki glibbage (e.g., “I’m so Googling you,” “Why are you being all Fiona Apple?”) is plenty peppy and so is Rebekah Kochan’s ding-a-ling Tiffani, a dead ringer for 90210‘s Tori Spelling. As Troy, Marco Dapper has a full-frontal scene of impressive length, and while the climax of this 78-minute comedy isn’t perhaps as porno-orgiastic as one would hope, it comes, let’s say, not a moment too soon.