Giuliani Toys with Presidency … Again


So America’s mayor is considering a run for president. What else is new? The last time Rudy ran for something, he was apparently considering all his options: In a March 1998 statement of candidacy filed with the Federal Election Commission, Giuliani duly listed his name, address, and party affiliation. But when it came to what office he was seeking, the typewritten answer was “undecided.” The FEC took issue with that, writing Giuliani almost a year later in February 1999 to say:

Your Statement of Candidacy is incomplete because it lacks information required by the Federal Election Campaign Act … In particular, the filing is missing the “Office Sought” designation … Please amend your statement of candidacy to include the information requested as the term “undecided” does not identify a specific Federal office.

Ten days later, Giuliani wrote back:

Although I realize that the 1999-2000 election cycle has begun, I am as of now still undecided as to the federal office, if any, for which I may become a candidate. Should I decide that I will be a candidate for a specific federal office in this current election cycle, I will promptly amend my previous statement of candidacy so that the information is available on the public record.


Ultimately, of course, Rudy decided to try for a Senate seat in a bid that collapsed when his “get-photographed-with-the-mistress” strategy backfired. Now that he has properly remarried, been cured of the prostate cancer that contributed to his withdrawal in 2000, and repaired his reputation with 9-11 heroics, he’s (maybe) running for president, doubtless cheering the people who’ve tried to draft him for that job.


Back in 2000, Rudy was marching in Staten Island. Now he’s running … for something. (

But Rudy’s not running alone. Not only is some guy named Arnold Jones a putative 2008 presidential candidate (with like $50 in the bank, mind you), but so are one, two, or three others who, like Giuliani, call New York home:


  • Gov. George Pataki has been campaigning for months. Did you know his 21st Century Freedom PAC identifies five freedoms, one of which is the dreary “freedom to persevere over adversity”?
  • Sen. Hillary Clinton is being addressed as “Madame President.” But not by Time magazine’s Joe Klein, the uber-establishmentarian, who says “the last thing we need is a campaign that would polarize the nation even more.”
  • And Mayor Michael Bloomberg is also being mentioned as a possible runner. The New York Sun said earlier this year that “he does represent the direction the Democratic Party has to move in if it is to regain control of the White House, the Senate, or the House of Representatives.” Well, OK, so the Democrats accomplished the latter two tasks without adopting Bloomberg’s anti-smoking/pro-war platform, but still …