Silent Bob: Kevin Smith Can’t Act



It’s only in its pilot stages, but the Showtime project Manchild, about middle-aged men facing mid-life crises, has received tons of publicity because of whom the cable network has already managed to sign on: Rome‘s Marc Anthony, James Purefoy; Sex & the City‘s John Corbett; and homegrown Jersey director Kevin Smith. Smith will apparently be playing the role of cynical divorcé. Eye called Showtime yesterday to find out more about Smith’s decision to move into acting beyond his Silent Bob appearances, but the network had little to say at this point as the show is still in its infancy. Looks like all Eye had to do was go to Kevin Smith’s website Silent Bob Speaks to hear it from the man himself. Basically, Smith thought the script was funny; no, he doesn’t think of himself as an actor; this will be four months out of the year and it is a “side gig.”

“We shoot the pilot in December, after I finish this other, two-day acting gig on a feature. If Showtime digs the pilot, we go to series two months or so after that. With twelve eps a season, it means I’m out of the directing game (which should please some folks) for only about four months out of the year . . . . The only daunting aspect is that I’m surrounded by real, honest-to-goodness actors (James Purefoy, John Corbett, Paul Hipp). Thankfully, I got my first taste of acting beside real actors (the Silent Bob stuff barely counts) in “Catch & Release” (in theaters this January), so I’ve already got a bit of experience feeling inferior all the time (shit – I’ve got a lifetime of experience in that department, to be honest).”

Full text is here. (Eye also suspects that Smith doesn’t get some douche underling to write his website for him. It reads like he does it himself, complete with photos of his home-that-doesn’t-suck.)